Advice : Be authentic.

Now I know what you must be asking yourself right now, how the heck do I do that? In order to be authentic, you must accept yourself for who you are. Not who you should be by now but who you are. It really is that simple but, somehow the most difficult thing in the world. We are living in a society where we take into consideration what other people think of us more than what we think of ourselves. I mean 100% no BS think about it, you agree with things you do not believe in just to fit into a group of people that you don’t even like. I am going to type in all caps for the people in the back that don’t have 20/20 vision. YOU AGREE WITH THINGS YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN JUST TO FIT INTO A GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE.

I am coming from personal experience and witnessing it first hand. None of this information is false. I was her. In highschool, I wanted to fit in more than I wanted to be myself. Which let me tell you, those were the roughest years growing up. How could they not be, I was trying to be somebody I was not. I was sacrificing my beliefs, my potential, and most importantly my character just to be a part of the “popular group”. That might not be your story, you might be selling a product you don’t necessarily believe works. Point is, you’re selling yourself short just to be a part of the “cool kids”.

You’ve got something that the so called “cool kids” don’t. If you had all of the characteristics of the “cool kids” you would’ve had nothing to bring to the table. Lets be honest, chances are you made profit from the table that the “cool kids” sit at. If ask me, that’s pretty f***ing cool.

Long advice short, only say what you believe in. Do not look for validation on social media and in people because if you do, you will be disappointed every time. You will begin to view yourself as the deficit rather than your surroundings and environment. Be authentic and f*** what the “cool kids” think about you.