The Truth About Making a Better Decision.

In the simplest terms, there is no better decision. You’re now in total gasp that I just said that. I was too when I found this out through experiences. Better is relevant. Each and every decision has its own outcome. There is no “better” decision. You could’ve chosen to buy the amazon stock in 1996 and now be a billionaire but have died at age 27 because you were on a plane to attend a conference in Singapore. That is life. You could’ve chosen to drop out of highschool at 18 and become homeless while being a drug addict and now be age 43 and rated as the top motivational speaker in the world. There is no “better” decision. Every decision you make has its own outcome. Lets say a decision that was made had a negative outcome, what do you do? You move on, you lost, let it go!!! Make another decision and keep moving forward. But, I will say this… Better feels worse. I will say it again, better feels worse.

When you have been living in an unhealthy routine for so long when you try to get better it often times feels awkward because you’re not use to it. Your brain and body enter into a rejection mode because it does not recognize the new actions trying to be embedded in. Bad feels good because it is comfortable and better feels worse because it is new. So often times before you get better you get worse. But, there is no “better” decision because better is relevant. There is better for each purpose but not as a whole it is simply a perspective and outcomes of each decision. Flip a coin, make a decision and go!!!